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Dance Year 2022/2023

Dates to keep in mind
Our yearly recital is always towards the end of May/early June. We can not set a firm date until we are able to pick our 3-4 tournaments for our competition teams. 


Christmas Parades: We plan on 2 local christmas parades per season.
Down Home Festival: usually the first weekend in June we get to perform at this festival.
We typically try to find a couple other events to perform at each season. 
Movie/Game nights: sporadic events for our students, we haven't gotten to have any in a couple years due to covid concerns, but we are hopeful to have some. 
End of Season Pool Party: Sometime after our Recital. It could be the next day or a couple weeks after. 
COMPETITION STUDENTS: attendance is key to success for competitions. We need you at classes, technique, and ballet classes. Be mindful tournaments could be as early as March 2023. 
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